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In-patient Adult and Pediatric Vascular Ultrasound: Distribution and Rate of Positive Findings
Anil Hingorani, M.D., danny novak, enrico ascher, md, natalie marks, md rvt, alexsander shiferson, do, robert jimenez, md, ed aboian, md, theresa jacob, PhD.
Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Introduction:In this study,we examined the rate of positive findings and the distribution of vascular ultrasounds in the pediatric and adult inpatients.Prior literature has noted a low rate of positive findings in adult vascular ultrasounds.There has been very little literature on pediatric vascular ultrasound.We hypothesized that there would be a higher rate of positive findings in the pediatric population.Therefore,we reviewed our vascular duplex database on inpatients less than eighteen years old from the year 2005 and compared it to the adult inpatient vascular duplex exams.
Materials and Methods:We reviewed 200 pediatric patients.These were compared to 200 adult cases performed over the last 3 months.
Results:Rate of Positive Finding For 200 Adult and Pediatric Cases Pediatric

The total number of vascular duplex exams that were performed in the hospital during this time period was 51,240.
Conclusion:The data that proved our hypothesis to be invalid,and we had a higher yield of positive findings in the adult cases.We noted significantly greater proportion of renal and portal vein exams in the pediatric cases,while in the adult cases there was a greater percentage of carotid exams.The differential in the types of tests performed in these datasets suggests that a higher level expertise is needed to perform the pediatric vascular duplexes.

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