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Antegrade Mesenteric Bypass
Sam Tyagi1, Keith Calligaro2, Hong Zheng2, Nicholas Madden2, Matthew Dougherty2, Douglas Troutman2
1University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, USA; 2Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, USA

74 female presented with chronic abdominal pain, post prandial pain, some nausea. She had 40 pound weight loss in last 6 months from 115 to 70 pounds. CAT scan revealed a large irregular exophytic calcified plaque occluding the celiac orifice and a long segment superior mesenteric artery occlusion. Our video reviews the CAT scan, and it is an intraoperative video of a supraceliac antegrade mesenteric bypass with bifurcated dacron prosthetic.

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