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SCVS Incoming Fellows Program

Supported by a grant from Cook Medical as part of the Cook Fellowluminaries Program

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SCVS Fellowluminaries Agenda

Wednesday, March 14th

5:30pm   Reception
6:00pm   Welcome Joseph Ricotta, MD and Caron Rockman, MD
6:15pm   Icebreaker
6:25pm   Running an Efficient Service - Mark D. Fleming, MD
6:45pm   Question and Answers
6:55pm   Balancing you Time - Nabeel Rana, MD
7:15pm   Question and Answers
7:35pm   How to Utilize your Industry Reps - Gautam Shrikhande, MD
7:45pm   Question and Answers
7:55pm   Fellows Panel - Eric hager, MD; Sean Hislop, MD; Venita Chandra, MD

Thursday, March 15th

12:00pm   Lunch
12:20pm   Welcome Back
12:30pm   Introduction to Endovascular: The Basics - Nabeel Rana, MD
2:15pm   Imaging: How to Utilize the Proper Imaging Equipment for Diagnosis - Mark D. Fleming, MD
3:00pm   Break
3:15pm   Aorta Basics - Gautam Shrikhande, MD
4:15pm   Hands-On Deployment of Flex and Pro-Form
4:45pm   Closing Remarks and Final Question
5:00pm   Program Conclusion- SCVS Paperwork for Reimbursement and COOK Books


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